I sell on Tindie

These are projects that I consider “finished” to the extent that they’re in a state that is usable by others. I provide designs and documentation so you can build them yourself, and I also make some available ready-made via my tindie store. Contact me if you want to see something available in the store!


The SquishBox is a MIDI sound module in a stompbox powered by a Raspberry Pi. It uses fluidsynth to produce sound, which means you can add or create whatever soundfonts you want. Plug a MIDI controller or four into the USB ports, connect an amp to the 1/4″ stereo outputs, and you’re ready to rock. More…


Sometimes you just need to use your foot for something. This is perhaps the simplest MIDI controller possible – just a single button. The MidiFoot uses a Teensy LC to emulate a USB MIDI device and send a variety of MIDI messages when you press or release the pedal, which can be used to trigger whatever you want in your DAW/sound module. More…