Software: FluidPatcher

A performance-oriented patch interface for FluidSynth. Fluidsynth is an open source software synthesizer that uses soundfonts – a freely-available and well-documented sound format. A patch is a collection of settings such as soundfont presets for each MIDI channel, control-change/sysex messages to send when the patch is selected, and midi router or effects settings. Groups of patches are stored in banks, which are saved as human-readable and -editable YAML files. This allows a musician to easily create complex combinations of synthesizer settings ahead of time and switch between them on the fly during a performance.

FluidPatcher is available both on GitHub and Sourceforge.

Download FluidPatcher

Soundfont: BookerT

B3 organ samples recorded from a Nord Stage 2. Contains two presets, one with leslie on, one off, with drawbars and percussion on “Green Onions settings”.

Soundfont: ModSynth

A relatively simple font sample-wise, but with a lot of custom modulators allowing the user to easily modify the sound using control change messages, exposing the synth modeling capability of soundfonts.

  • CC 71 → Filter resonance
  • CC 72 → Volume envelope, release
  • CC 73 → Volume envelope, attack
  • CC 74 → Filter cutoff frequency
  • CC 75 → Volume envelope, delay
  • CC 76 → Volume envelope, hold
  • CC 77 → Volume envelope, decay
  • CC 78 → Volume envelope, sustain
  • CC 79 → Mod envelope, filter cutoff
  • CC 85 → Mod envelope, delay
  • CC 86 → Mod envelope, attack
  • CC 87 → Mod envelope, hold
  • CC 88 → Mod envelope, decay
  • CC 89 → Mod envelope, sustain
  • CC 90 → Mod envelope, release

Soundfont: SFX

An example of using a soundfont to trigger a variety of different audio samples. Individual recorded samples are assigned to different MIDI notes or ranges.