• SquishBox - Raspberry Pi Synthesizer

Geek Funk Labs develops technology/software with musical applications in mind, or general fun and usefulness. GFL products can be purchased as kits or fully-assembled through our Tindie store, but our primary mission is to provide a resource for people to learn about, understand, and use technology to create and perform. We’re dedicated the the open source model, and believe that creators work best when they are free to understand and modify every aspect of their tools.

I’m the founder, Bill Peterson (a. k. a. white2rnado) – physics professor, astronomy researcher, songwriter, musician. Geek Funk Labs’ products are things I find useful in my own work and art – I hope they spark your imagination too!

  • Vortex Wireless 2 Teardown
    I decided to open up my keytar for the purpose of cleaning, but also to see if I could figure out what kind of MCU it has with the idea of possibly writing my own firmware. I’ve got a few reasons for this, mostly to do with the pads. First, when switching between presets on … Read More