Vortex Wireless 2 Teardown

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I decided to open up my keytar for the purpose of cleaning, but also to see if I could figure out what kind of MCU it has with the idea of possibly writing my own firmware. I’ve got a few reasons for this, mostly to do with the pads. First, when switching between presets on … Read More

Post Knobcon Recap

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It was an interesting three days at Knobcon. I played with a lot of different gear, learned some stuff, saw some cool performances, met lots of people. Everyone I talked to was super friendly and relaxed, and willing to let me bombard them with questions about their gear or their business. I was surprised to … Read More

On Being a Hack

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Putting together lessons and videos for Fluidsynth has been instructive, as these things always are. Nothing exposes the mistakes in my code or errors in my thinking like trying to teach to someone else, which something I’ve always found in my more traditional teaching role as well. It’s useful but also a humbling yet comforting … Read More