A stompbox enclosure for the Raspberry Pi that adds a sound card with high quality 1/4″ mono/stereo/headphone outputs, a highly readable 16×2 LCD display, a rotary encoder, and a stompbutton. Used with Geek Funk Labs’ FluidPatcher software it becomes an all-in-one compact sound module. Plug it in, plug in audio cables and your USB MIDI controller(s), and you’re ready to rock.


A simple, inexpensive USB MIDI foot controller. It sends batches of different MIDI messages when you press or release the switch that you can map to whatever you need in your sound module or DAW, giving you that extra bit of control when you need it.


An 8-bit digital stompbox. Like its analog cousin, it lets you tap out a rhythm. Unlike a wooden stompbox, it can also play handclaps, simple drum patterns, and video game sounds.