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A stompbox is a rustic wooden box with piezo pickups that guitar players tap their foot on to get some thumpy rhythm backing sounds. The StompByte uses rustic 8-bit energy to play some surprisingly hefty kickdrum sounds, plus handclaps, a tambourine, some video game sounds, and even simple rhythm patterns. Runs off a 9-Volt battery or AC adapter, available fully assembled or as a kit to put in your own enclosure (maybe even a wooden box!) from our Tindie store.

Stomping the button triggers a sound. Holding the button for two seconds switches to the next sound/pattern. Patterns play a step with each press and release of the button. There are 10 samples and 3 patterns:

  1. muted kick
  2. rock kick
  3. tr808 kick
  4. woodblock
  5. cross stick
  6. tambourine
  7. handclap
  8. videogame bump
  9. videogame fireball
  10. videogame jump
  11. pattern: rock kick – woodblock – tambourine – woodblock
  12. pattern: tr808 kick – tambourine – handclap – tambourine
  13. pattern: mario bump – mario fireball – mario jump – mario fireball

Schematics and a list of parts can be found in the Assembly Instructions above. Design files for the PCB can be downloaded from OSH Park. The source code for the StompByte is posted on GitHub. You can alter the code of the StompByte and re-flash the embedded microcontroller (ATMega328P) to produce your own sounds – the method is explained by the README in the GitHub repository.