Categories: Development
  • use tinyfilemanager ( for web interface
  • new yaml format, script to convert old->new easy
  • directory structure: scripts in ~/SquishBox directory
    • soundfonts
    • banks
  • speed up boot time
  • look into some kind of bare-metal fluidsynth build?
    • fast but less mod-able
  • separate service to start LCD with version + maybe progress bar
  • midi routing – expand with mido
  • also mido for connecting midi devices?
  • midi out for recording?
  • use sequencer?
  • polyphone or other soundfont editor on squishbox?
  • separate fluidsynth/patch functionality from stompbox interface so code can have more general use?
  • maybe patches could be used in DAW
  • allows other options for display/interface – screen, indicators, MIDI only
  • maybe start with curses GUI to make development/hacking easier

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