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I devoted a couple days to some bash programming and wrote a script for Raspberry Pi that can install/configure everything for the SquishBox or headless Pi synth. The user selects some options, and the script can then install/update fluidpatcher, configure audio and startup settings, compile and install the latest FluidSynth, set up tinyfilemanager for uploading fonts and editing banks, and even download and install the soundfonts collection from this site. This should make installing, configuring, and using fluidpatcher much clearer and faster. Once I’ve done enough tests to assume it’s fairly bug-free I’ll post instructions and a curl command on the SquishBox page.

I figured out a lot of the code by cribbing from Pimoroni‘s PhatDAC install script – so cheers to them. I decided in the end to have the script download tinyfilemanager from its repository and use sed to make the necessary tweaks, rather than include a modded version in the fluidpatcher repo – I thought there might be a license conflict and this was a better way.

Some other minor improvements I’m working on:

  • A better, more playable default bank, probably using presets from FluidGM
  • Figure out how to set up and use JACK as the audio device and compare its latency/responsiveness to ALSA, and try using multi-channel output to isolate effects to specific channels
  • See if there’s a smooth way to use FluidSynth’s sequencer to play loops

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