MIDI Filtering

Categories: Development

I want a way for FluidPatcher to listen to incoming messages so I can map something to inc/dec patch and select patch. NS if there’s a way to “listen” to an input port that’s already connected to FluidSynth – patcher.py would have to pass messages back and forth. Tried with Mido but there’s too much latency. Python-rtmidi might work, but it doesn’t seem to see the FluidSynth port on Windows, and that’s where I mostly want it. Hmmm maybe something else..

  • Realizing this isn’t really necessary – listening to MIDI with python adds too much overhead, and there isn’t really a good cross-platform way to do it. Kind of goes against the philosophy of fluidpatcher being this nice Python wrapper around fliudsynth or whatever other robust (i.e. C or C++ compiled) synth I’m using. Plus, realized I can just poll CC’s if I want to use MIDI for patch change – like I did in headlesspi.py

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