Squishbox Editor: FluidPatcher Desktop Mode

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FluidPatcher has had the wxpython-powered desktop implementation wxfluidpatcher.pyw for a bit, but I’ve added a couple things to make it more complete (e.g. settings menu) and written a simple implementation of Python’s socket library so it can remotely connect to a SquishBox or headless RPi synth – this means you can use it on Windows, Max, or desktop Linux to create, edit, and test patches on the SquishBox without needing to do any cumbersome ssh and text editing via the terminal – you can instantly refresh your edits to hear what they sound like! It’s made my patch creation process much quicker and smoother.

wxfluidpatcher is also a good place to start if you’re interested in the Squishbox and want to get a feel for the sound and for what you can do with patches. I’m working on a series of lesson videos for the YouTubes on creating patches and banks – keep an eye out!


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