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A few years ago I cobbled together a quick build of a digital stompbox using the PCMAudio code running on an ATMega328p to play 8-bit audio samples off one of the PWM pins. I built it into a cheap plastic sustain pedal, used it for a duo gig with a friend, then stuck it in a drawer. Last weekend I decided to resurrect it. I added a few more samples, added a step patterns feature, and put it in a nice aluminum enclosure with a more robust stompswitch – and the StompByte is born!

The sounds are very low-res from the resampling to 8kHz, but the kicks and other percussion have a nice feel to them nonetheless and feel good to play to. I feel like the rough quality and inexpensive build is in the same DIY spirit as the classic wooden stompbox with piezo pickups. I stuck some Mario sounds in too (mostly for funs, but hey maybe someone will use them). Planning to sell this as kits and as finished builds on Tindie. Perhaps get some friends to build a few artsy enclosures for them?

Project details on Hackaday, and here’s a video:

  • […] I sold out of my first batch of SquishBoxes that I built using standard perfboard, so I decided to get serious and print some PCBs. This will make the next batch of SquishBoxes a bit sturdier (and less expensive, since I can put them together more quickly and with less parts), and also lets me offer the SquishBox as a kit for the more DIY-inclined (Pi, enclosure, PSU not included). I also designed the PCBs for the other two products I plan to offer – the MidiFoot and StompByte. […]

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