Leveling Up

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I sold out of my first batch of SquishBoxes that I built using standard perfboard, so I decided to get serious and print some PCBs. This will make the next batch of SquishBoxes a bit sturdier (and less expensive, since I can put them together more quickly and with less parts), and also lets me offer the SquishBox as a kit for the more DIY-inclined (Pi, enclosure, PSU not included). I also designed the PCBs for the other two products I plan to offer – the MidiFoot and StompByte.

I got three copies of my first SquishBox PCB design from OSHPark and put a test unit together, which you can see in the gallery below. I tweaked the design a bit after this, adding some edge solder pads, optional 9V->5V power regulation (response to a user request), and got artistic with the location of the vias. Should have some more complete units, plus kits and some new toys available in the Tindie store within the next couple months!


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