New Plan

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okay new plan because why ever finish thisrelease my own pyfluidsynth that is more compatible with fluidsynth 2 and python3also has a dict attribute that tracks the loaded soundfonts, idsmaybe other stuff toorewrite to use objects so we don’t have messy globalsmaybe part the bank/patch stuff into a separate script, fold the stompboxpi … Read More


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use tinyfilemanager ( for web interface new yaml format, script to convert old->new easy directory structure: scripts in ~/SquishBox directory soundfonts banks speed up boot time look into some kind of bare-metal fluidsynth build? fast but less mod-able separate service to start LCD with version + maybe progress bar midi routing – expand with mido … Read More

Squishbox how-to video: adding/modifying patches

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I’ve posted a video on YouTube explaining how to add/modify patches on the squishbox, what the patches do, and how to use additional soundfonts beyond the fluidsynth general midi font (FluidR3_GM.sf2).

Door’s Open!

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It begins. The plan is for this to be a nexus site for my marketable ideas – not marketable in terms of money necessarily, but things I make that people might generally be interested in: software, hardware, art, new social paradigms, etc.